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Cougar Guide Cougar Guide for Hot Mature Women

To apply and become one of our cougar women for Seductive Cougars, a division of the WaveSide Entertainment Network, you need to be a mature lady. You also need to be friendly to talk to, open minded about flirting and talking with young men, and at home in front of a camera. You don't need to have a lifetime of experience in front of a camera to become one of our cougar women. Seductive Cougars is currently recruiting mature ladies to become one of our elite online adult webcam models, so if you meet these requirements, we urge you to apply online today by filling out the necessary application. Once we have had a chance to go over your application, we'll contact you via email to let you know if a new career as one of our cougar women is in your future.

MILF Guide MILF Guide for Cougar Women

If selected to be a one of our Cougar women, we'll provide you with an MILF guide to help you through the process of getting set up to begin your new career as one of our elite online adult webcam models. Your MILF guide will help you increase your placement on our adult online webcam modelling network, which will increase your exposure on the network. You don't need experience as a webcam model in order to succeed and make a great living; your cougar guide will show you what you need to accomplish your goal. WaveSide Entertainment will provide technical support to guide you toward your new career as a adult online webcam model on our adult network.

Cougar Women Cougar Women Featured on Adult Webcam Network

All of our cougar women will be featured on the largest and most popular online adult webcam network on planet Earth. WaveSide Entertainment is part of a network hosting over 5 million daily visitors, which means you can find lots of customers just waiting to talk and flirt with you online. We're constantly adding to our network of websites, which means in the future you can find even more customers, and potentially earn even more money as one of our cougar models. This is one of the main reasons more and more cougar models are making the decision to become one of our adult online webcam models. You also have the chance to recruit other cougar models to our network of websites.

Cougar Women Across Our Adult Online Network

Cougar women joining our network will be featured on all of our online adult websites. This is one of the main reasons our cougar women are able to potentially earn up to $2,000 per week – or more! Being featured across the network means you'll have access to more customers desiring to talk and flirt with one of our adult online webcam models. This provides you with the ability to potentially earn a great living doing something you love to do.

Cougar Women Determine Their Work Schedule

The greatest thing about being a cougar model is the ability to determine the work hours and days you want to work. WaveSide Entertainment doesn't require our webcam models to work a minimum number of hours, each week, or the specific time during the day you work. Of course, the more hours you work, the more money you can potentially earn. As long as you log in to stream live a minimum of four hours during each 8 week period, your account will remain active. We do suggest our webcam models work at least 5 hours a week in order to maintain a consistent position on our network.

Our Cougar Women Work From any Location

An MILF guide provides details that allow our online adult webcam models to work from any location they want to. You do need to have consistent access to high speed Internet and a computer or laptop, with a high definition webcam, in order to stream live.

Hot Mature Cougar Women Have Great Earnings Potential

Our MILF guide details that our online adult webcam models can potentially earn at least 80 cents per minute for each client they chat with in premium chat. Per minute rate potentially increases to at least $1 per minute when chatting with clients in exclusive chat. This means that if you stream live in paid chat for a total of 25 hours each week, with 15 hours in private chat and 10 hours in private chat sessions, you should earn about $1320 a week.

How often do Internet Webcam Models get paid?

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What is the minimum a webcam model must earn before Payout is made?

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